America In Bible Prophecy:  Babylon the Great?

America In Bible Prophecy (entire book in pdf. file)

New World Order:  Phase I

The New World Order!  It is a concept rarely heard in the America media and public arena.  Nevertheless, it is one very real, and very much anticipated, behind the scenes—much more so in foreign countries, it seems, than here in the U.S.  On August 14, 2008, NPR Radio featured a news clip from an interview it conducted with a woman from the breakaway region of Ossetia.  The focus of that interview was the Russian invasion of Georgia—following Georgia’s attempt to rein in the rebel state, which sought its independence (allegedly instigated by the Russians.).  The woman stated dogmatically something to the effect that the Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili’s attempt to maintain control of those states which want to separate from Georgia while allying itself with the West via NATO was all part of the “New World Order”.  Not long after that, someone else in the news was careful to make mention of this coming, global state of affairs.  Former President George Bush, Sr. was shown in online video footage speaking affectionately, in glowing terms about the “New World Order” (  Except from the lips of media ministers and Bible prophecy sensationalists, it remains an idea heretofore generally unheard of in America, otherwise.

Side Note
The New World Order

Actually, as of today, 03/17/09, a number of months after the initial pinning of this section, new information spurred by Jack and Roxella Van Impe, on their Jack Van Impe Presents TV program shows that this idea of a New World Order is anything but dead in America’s upper echelon political circles (don’t typically put a lot of faith in their ministry now-a-days, but, like all charlatans, they do manage to get some things right, once in a while; consider also a Hal Lindsey report aired later in April of 2009.  Lindsey’s report affirms the existence and determination among the world’s richest—including Rockefeller, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey—to play God in the establishment of population control measures designed to facilitate a New World Order.  By implementation of said “control measures”, these people would effectively decide who lives, and, who must die; in short, they would instigate, authorize and supervise the systematic, otherwise, indiscriminate killing of a substantial portion of the global population, no doubt by the various means sited in chapter 6 of this Revelation.  This killing would make room for those deemed worthy of living—i.e., a kind of “survival of the fittest”, via systemic and methodical, how ever diabolical, slaughter of those less fortunate!).  Other online articles and ‘credible’ documentation affirm this to be so.

In the online version of their show, the Van Impes refer to a 2008 PBS broadcast hosted by Charlie Rose in which Henry Kissinger, is quoted stating that there is a need for a new world order (Mr. Kissinger was a highly visible politician, active as Secretary of State during the Nixon and Ford administrations).  They went on to cite a quotation in which he (Kissinger) asserts that President Barak Obama is primed to create this new world order (that is, President Obama knows and is apparently at peace with the notion that he has been “…chosen, for such a time as this…”!).  Roxella and Mr. Van Impe went on to highlight quotations from Barak Obama’s speech delivered in Germany, which seem to suggest his vision of this new world order, and, his complicity with the idea of political, as well as economic globalization (even if it undermines American individuality and sovereignty):

·    “I am a fellow citizen of the world.”
·    “in this new world, we’ll have a global citizenship.”
·    “we need a globalized world.”
·     “we must come together to save the planet”
Video footage of an interview with Mr. Kissenger confirms the Van Impe claims.  At, a video clip records the former secretary of state saying that “…his task (President Obama’s) will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when really a new world can be created.  It’s a great opportunity…”, he concluded.   $64 thousand dollar question:  Why America?  Why not chart a new course for the rest of the world, since they, corporately or individually, cannot seem to get their act together, so as to bring themselves up socially, economically or politically, to a level commensurate with that of America?  Just what precisely does Mr. Kissinger have in mind here?  How does President Obama interpret his language?

Mr. Kissinger’s “new world” is not one to be crafted around ideals and principles that contribute to or that allow for the creation of an “America”-like world.  Rather, Barak Obama, in Kissenger’s ideology is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing development of “…an overall strategy for America…” that eliminates her from the new world equation altogether—as, no one in his right mind is likely to believe that a democratic, free-wheeling, free-thinking people, the most powerful ever, in the history of all of civilization, numbering presently only 5% of a global population of 7 billion is likely to roll over and simply die to its independence, or, stay down willingly, should she somehow succumb to the Obama/Kissinger vision and interpretation of “globalization”.  Remember, 95% of the world currently, and, 100% of the world before the Declaration of Independence, has never known a true “democracy”, American-style!  That is, or, at least that appears to be the world into which our President, per, former Sec. of State Kissinger, is to “lead” the way—a totalitarian global society swept clean and free of the germ of democratic, free-thinkers, on an individual or state level.

On an even less positive note, which could help to explain the future and fate of the United States of America, (journalist?) Eric Walberg quotes “The Independent” (01/2009), which cites Mr. Kissinger gloating over what he sees as a “unique opportunity for creative diplomacy” (the Walberg article was titled “Henry Kissinger’s Choice To The World: New World Order or ‘chaos’”).  Such reasoning Mr. Kissinger admits, will strike “a major blow to the standing of the United States ”, as each nation is encouraged to “seek to make itself independent, to the greatest possible degree, of the conditions that produced the collapse” (the collapse of course being this present housing and banking mess, on account of which all fingers point accusatorily at the United States).  The Kissinger solution, Mr. Walberg continues, is actually a call for “a common action” amongst the nations, resulting in a “political” “new world order” that would be similar to the present “…international economic one…” in spirit and in co-operation.  “The extraordinary impact of President-elect Obama on the imagination of humanity is an important element…” in the shaping of this new world order, Mr. Kissinger is said to have enthused.  Failure to so indulge is to invite “chaos”.  Mr. Walberg cites as the Kissinger definition for “chaos”, “the democratic awakening of the people”—i.e., the cultivation of a yearning among the people of the world to think and to govern themselves, American-style.  He further concedes that free-spiriting nations, who meet in global organizations such as the WEF and the G20, are seriously frowned upon.  It seems then, based on the foregoing, no one wants to see another “republic”, after the order of the United States.

Thus, we conclude that the collapse and destruction of Babylon the Great will be the inroad to this New World Order (see chap. 6).  Babylon the Great must fall before the Apocalypse can transpire.

Heretofore, Babylon the Great has received a fair amount of press in the revelation narrative.  Moreover, her eventual drubbing and clubbing, on all fronts, holds an specially ‘dear’ place in the heart, in the mind and in the eschatological plans of God.

By way of review, in chapter 17, the identity of the woman on the scarlet red beast and her two extreme polarities were established.  Being bipolar, each of her split personalities was shown to be firmly, solidly rooted in Rome; the Eastern emperor or the Byzantine emperor, enthroned in Constantinople, stood for several centuries longer than the Western Kingdom (he had no meaningful impact on what occurred in the West).  On the one hand, in the first place, the bipolar woman was political.  She represented ancient Rome as the capital of the Roman Empire, symbolized by the scarlet red beast on which she rode.  Her commanding view from atop the seven heads of the beast, as opposed to its back, was emblematic of the totality of her absolute authority.  The heads were the emperors, although they also represented hills or mountains upon which the woman was physically located, which further helps to establish her identity.

It should be noted that when this political persona of the woman fell in 476 AD, there was no international shedding of tears; there were no expressions of grief.  No one missed her, as they were in the end, more benefited than they were hurt.  The then-known-world was delighted when the woman’s political aspect was gone.  So it was for any such kingdom which had forced itself upon another.

On the other hand, that woman in chapter 17 was to become, and she remains today—in her alter-ego—the “great hooker”, highly religious Babylon the Great.  She represented initially a Rome in shambles, led by the popes at the head of the totally apostate church at Rome (Paul’s church of the “Romans”, following the collapse of the Roman Empire).  Each aspect of the woman’s persona was, in God’s economy, separate and distinct; they could never have co-existed, peacefully—the Caesars of Rome would not have tolerated the competitive reach of the western popes.  When the Western arm of the Empire fell, the eastern emperors at Constantinople were not able to subdue and maintain control over the ancient city.  Strangely, perhaps, it might be argued that they could scarcely have succeeded without this great whore, and, her “Crusaders”.  Furthermore, it was established that the demise of religious Babylon, Babylon the Great, which exists to this very day, at this very hour, will be at the hands of the end-times beast, the eighth and final of only seven rulers, aided by his consortium of ten other nations, inspired by God Almighty (This will occur early in his short, 3.5 year global reign.  It is more the destruction of a chiefly religious institution, which doubles now as a globally recognized political entity.  Since their 1929 settlement to get the pope’s corrupting influence out of Italian politics, Vatican City has been a nation—making the pope a political head of state as well.).

Nevertheless, for all that has happened or that has been determined will happen around the theme of Babylon the Great, the subject is far from done!


Babylon the Great

Is Destroyed!
Here, in chapter 18, we are greeted with a proclamation; an open invitation, ringing throughout all the heavens:  jubilate!  Not surprisingly, that jubilation centers in Heaven’s ecstasy and joy over the desecrated sight of Babylon the Great.  But, at the ends of chapters 16 & 17, the slate has been wiped clean of both Babylons (that is both Rome, Italy and Vatican City, world headquarters of the Great Whore, the Roman Catholic Church.).  To whom then, does this Babylon the Great refer, and why such jubilation and the ensuing expressions of vitriol, laced throughout with Supreme disgust and disdain?

For starters, one might do well to note that, notwithstanding the name chosen to represent her, and, in spite of the reference by the end-times merchants and politicians of the nations to her as “that great city”, the fact is Babylon the Great here is not a city, at all.  She is not ancient Babylon re-built (see the Side Bar, page 11 and the Conclusion).  Interestingly, she displays none of the psychosis common to Babylon the Great of chapter 17.  There is no evident personality disorder or conflicts.  Her profile, and, her apparent standing and reception amongst the nations is markedly, if not remarkably, different than the known, historical relationship managed and maintained by the woman in either her ancient, purely secular role, or, in her religious role as it spans the gap between those ancient years of her beginning and the present.

Although the prophecy was written in the days when many lands and their peoples were known primarily by their chief city, and thus the people tended to think in those terms, Babylon the Great here is a strictly end-times entity, having no roots in antiquity (quite unlike her name sake in the “end-times” great whore; whose roots stretch from the ancient days of the Roman Empire, to the final days of history.).  This “city”, like the concept(s) of the Book itself throughout, in the Mind of its Creator, was something totally foreign to the minds of the likes of John, in that day.  They did not know her kind in their times.  There had never been anything like her.  There have not been for centuries, there are not now and there will be no such city-states when she is finally knocked down in these last days; leveled to the ground, never to rise again.  So, knowing then that she is not Babylon, Iraq rebuilt (as will be discussed briefly, shortly), and, if she is not the obvious in terms of the only known shoe that either can or could ever have fit the imprint perfectly, to a tee, who then, is she?

The description of Babylon the Great is quite graphic and revealing.  What do the particulars and themes surrounding that description reveal for us about her, and, how do they square with the particulars and themes surrounding the two Babylons discussed previously?

A specific set of qualifiers are given, which set this Babylon the Great apart:

1)    she is cosmopolitan:  figures prominently in the global political arena, and, in international affairs, for the most part, without the usual pressure of military occupation and domination
2)    she has and maintains a (God-less) charisma that is manifestly Babylonian in nature and in spirit
3)    she has a peaceful impact (relatively) on global economics, and is heavily involved in international trade
4)    being highly religious, she leads the world into fornication (service to false gods, in the name of the Living God—i.e., she spreads a ‘false’ Christianity); she deceives the nations with sorcery (heavy drug or narcotics trafficking, :23)
5)    she is enormously wealthy through free trade with the nations, as opposed to forceful occupation and exploitation of multiples of other nations; the kind known to and dreaded throughout the ancient world (in contrast to ancient Rome, the British Empire, Napoleon’s objective, or that of Hitler and the Japanese)
6)    the nations are enormously wealthy by trading freely with her, the envy of other nations
7)    she is haughty, extremely arrogant, cocky and self-reliant, overly self-satisfied
8)    her swift, thorough and complete destruction—from which she will never recover—will spark an irreversible, crushing, world-spanning recession, a fiscal death-toll, that will plunge all the nations into an economic spiral of unparalleled proportions
9)    her existence is primarily eschatological; that is, she exists only in the last days, with no other manifest ties to antiquity

Up to this point, life on earth will have gone on, ‘business as usual’, per Luke 17.  “Men will eat and drink like always; they will be marrying and giving in marriage”, as usual.  Then, Paul says, all hell will break loose (II Thes. 5).  The moment the nations shall say peace and safety, or, think that they have at long last eliminated any possibility of further conflict amongst the nations, at that moment sudden destruction will overtake them, like a woman overcome of her labor pains.  Knowing what we know today, in terms of how life progresses and proceeds from one trying-time to the next, interspersed with bouts or spans of peace as it were, only to be replaced eventually by yet another (be it political, social, economic or military), followed by a few more valleys and smooth rides, up to the moment of the assertion “peace and safety”, mankind will honestly think that they have arrived.  They have achieved a genuine, lasting solution to all of the troubles that plague mankind.  God would have us know however, they will be wrong.

At some point in the near future, all of humanity’s hopes and dreams will be traumatically up-ended and shattered, as the world around them is ripped apart by a new out break of strife, followed by global wars, accompanied by a high death toll well in excess of one billion (whatever the physical roles played by groups like the Taliban, God wants all men to understand that His will be the Hand that drives them on.).  As with humpty dumpty, having had a great fall, after he sat on that wall—“all the king’s men, and all the king’s horses couldn’t put humpty dumpty back together again”—so likewise, they will not recover.  This is the beginning of the Day of the Lord.  It is, albeit, not the Second coming of Jesus Christ at Armageddon.  This day will come unannounced, without warning or, fanfare—like a thief who comes in the night (His appearance at Armageddon, will be a spectacular, highly visible affair.).

Side Bar
As of 01/22/2008, and since “Katrina” and the Gulf Coast devastation, not one day goes by without dropping hints relative to just how vulnerable global markets and international economies are; how susceptible they are to any negative activity, being joined together at the hip, as it were, to the most prominent of them all.  Someone has said that the search for cheap labor, cheap sex, and cheap crude has created a class of deep pockets throughout Asia, etc., all of whom are being courted by international banking concerns (especially American), trying to reposition themselves and shore up huge losses they have sustained, self-inflicted through bad investments, having been left troubled and reeling due to the sudden down turn in the American construction industry (which is said to have been heavily invested in by foreign governments, including China and Russia).  As of today (03/18/08), while some have collapsed and/or have been forced to sell ridiculously

America In Bible Prophecy (entire book in pdf. file)



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